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PHP Question

KnpMenuBundle - how can i set an icon class to each elements of menu?

I want to my view code looks like this:

<a href="path/to/action">
<i class="icon-class"></i>
<span class="title">Title</span>

I create menu elements by Menu Builder:

class Builder extends ContainerAware
public function adminMenu(FactoryInterface $factory, array $options)
$menu = $factory->createItem('root');

$menu->addChild('Dashboard', array(
'route' => 'admin_dashboard',

return $menu;

I have overwritten view with following code (knp_menu.html.twig):

{% block linkElement %}
{% import _self as knp_menu %}
<a href="{{ item.uri }}"{{ knp_menu.attributes(item.linkAttributes) }}>
<i class="icon-class"></i>
<span class="title">{{ block('label') }}</span>
{% endblock %}

How can i pass a value of icon class name to
element in method adminMenu(), in Builder class? What is the most simple way to do it?


You can add any attribute you want with

$menu->addChild('Dashboard', array(
    'route' => 'admin_dashboard',
))->setAttribute('icon', 'icon-class');


{{ item.attribute('icon') }}