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Porting regex from PHP to JavaScript

I have the following regex in PHP:


and I would like to port it to javascript like:

var regex = new RegExp('/(?<=\')[^\'\s][^\']*+(?=\')|(?<=")[^"\s][^"]*+(?=")|[^\'",\s]+/');

var match = regex.exec("hello,my,name,is,'mr jim'")

for( var z in match) alert(match[z]);

There is something that JavaScript doesnt like here, but I have no idea what it is. I've tried looking for diferences between PHP and JS regex via regular-expressions.info but I cant see anything obvious.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you again

The problem seems to lie within the positive lookbehind's but does this mean it cannot be ported?

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You don't get lookbehind (and lookahead has problems in IE, so is best avoided too). But it's easy to just let those ' and " characters be part of the match, and throw them out afterwards:

var value= "hello,my,name,is,'mr jim'";
var match;
var r= /'[^'\s][^']*'|"[^"\s][^"]*"|[^'",\s]+/g;

while(match= r.exec(value)) {
    var text= match[0];
    if ('"\''.indexOf(text.charAt(0))!=-1) // starts with ' or "?
        text= text.substring(1, text.length-1);

Or, use capturing parentheses to isolate the quotes from the text:

var r= /'([^'\s][^']*)'|"([^"\s][^"]*)"|([^'",\s]+)/g;

while (match= r.exec(value)) {
    var text= match[1] || match[2] || match[3];

(I'm guessing your for(var z in match) was supposed to loop over each pattern match in the string. Unfortunately JavaScript doesn't quite work that easily.)

This may not be the best way to parse a comma-separated list; it seems a bit ill-defined for cases where you have a space or quote in the middle of a field. A simple string-indexing parser might be a better bet.

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