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How to detect busy state in Twilio iOS SDK?

I have successfully implement a APP to APP calling in iOS app using Twilio iOS SDK.

I have facing a problem in that Twilio SDK. I have explain with some step as below.

There are three user. User A, User B, User C

Step 1 : User A is calling to User B.

Step 2 : Now User C is calling to User A. User A is already talk with User B so what about User C. How can i identify busy state.

Answer Source

You can check this from your server-side app and relay the result to your iOS app.

The Dial verb includes an attribute named action which lets you specify a web application URL for Twilio to request when the call leg ends. That request includes a parameter named DialCallStatus which will tell you why the called ended. The DialCallStatus values include busy indicating Twilio received a busy signal when trying to connect to the called party.


Once your web application knows the DialCallStatus, you can relay it back to your iOS app and notify User C accordingly.

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