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Python Question

Error during Swift standalone install [error in setup command: Invalid environment marker python version>=3.0]

I have been trying to do the manual install of Openstack Swift (SAIO) as detailed here:


However, when I get to the point where I need to build swift using the command:

sudo python setup.py develop

I get the following error:

error in setup command: Invalid environment marker python version>=3.0

I've followed all the other instructions to a T and they've passed without any errors, but I can't work out why/what is demanding a python version>=3.0

My own version of python is 2.7.6

I'd appreciate some help!


Answer Source

I had the same problem. Looking through the files for the string python_version (using command grep -R python_version ./*) I found out that it was only present in the file requirements.txt:


Since I am not using Python 3, I edited requirements.txt and commented out the second line, and removed python_version<'3.0' from the first.

That solved the problem for me, hope it helps.

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