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Call to undefined method Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder::links()

whats up ?
I have a little problem with Laravel Paginator.

I built the function using order by and paginator, but I'm getting the error message "Call to undefined method Illuminate \ Database \ Query \ Builder :: links () (View: C: \ wamp \ www \ laravel \ app \ views \ frontend \ premios.blade.php). "

============= My Function ==============

public function premios()
$this->layout->content = View::make('frontend.premios')->with('premiostexto',PremiosTexto::all()) ->with('premios', Premios::orderBy('ordem', 'ASC')->paginate(5));

==========My View============

@foreach($premios as $premios)
<span class="tituloPremio">{{$premios->titulo}}</span>
<span class="dataPremio">{{$premios->data}}</span>

{{ $premios->links() }}

I tried putting "$premios->links()" inside and outside the foreach.Without pagination everything works good

Answer Source

You are overriding the $premios variable in the foreach. Use it as singular form in the foreach:

@foreach($premios as $premio)
    <span class="tituloPremio">{{$premio->titulo}}</span>
    <span class="dataPremio">{{$premio->data}}</span>

{{ $premios->links() }}
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