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Can´t access JBOSS

I´m using Fedora 17 and installed JBOSS via yum.
I configured in the standalone.xml the bind addresses of public and management to

But I still can´t access via :8080, my browser says, that he can´t connect to this address.

Any ideas what is going wrong there?


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I think binding to binds it to all IP addresses on the machine. I know when I did this in the past, to access JBoss I had to use the pc name in the url. For example if my PC had a name of PC12345, I would use http://PC12345:8080/ and you should get the initial JBoss window.

Normally we bind ours to localhost, which then we use http://localhost:8080/ to connect. Sometimes I bind to the PC number and then I can use the pc again like above. http://PC12345:8080.

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