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Luca Morelli Luca Morelli - 6 months ago 51
C# Question

cannot use dynamic type with vnext core

I need to read and save a JSON file inside an ASP.NETt vNext app, and I would like to use a

variable to store the value loaded using, but when I go to compile I received this error message:

ASP.NET Core 5.0 error CS1980: Cannot define a class or member that utilizes
because the compiler required type
cannot be found. Are you missing a reference?

How can solve this? If I use
, can I run an application using ASP.NET core?


You need to include the packages Microsoft.CSharp and System.Dynamic.Runtime for the aspnetcore50 framework.

This seems to work for me with CoreCLR version 1.0.0-beta1:

´╗┐using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq;
using System;

namespace DynamicTest
    public class Program
        public void Main(string[] args)

            dynamic dobject = JObject.Parse("{number:1000, str:'string', array: [1,2,3,4,5,6]}");


The project.json

    "version": "1.0.0-*",
    "dependencies": {
        "Newtonsoft.Json" :  "6.0.7"
    "commands": { 
        "run" : "run"
    "frameworks" : {
        "aspnet50" : { },
        "aspnetcore50" : { 
            "dependencies": {
                "System.Console": "4.0.0-beta-22231",
                "System.Dynamic.Runtime": "4.0.0-beta-22231",
                "Microsoft.CSharp": "4.0.0-beta-22231"