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Swift Question

Swift 3.0 String error

s = "hello " + (value2!) + " yes"

Value2 is an nesting and s is the text of a uilabel. I'm trying to set the uitext of a label. I'm combining an nesting with two string values, one before value 2 and one after value 2. (hello, and yes are both those values. This model above worked in swift 2.0 but now there is an error with the "+" and Xcode is giving me an error to combine all these strings above.

Here is the error message. Can you please help me fix it.

enter image description here


I suspect that type of the s variable has a NSString type and the result of the expression is a String value, so you need to cast the result to NSString type.

var s: NSString = ""
var value2: NSString? = "there"

s = "hello \(value2!) yes" as NSString // output: "hello there yes"