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Python Question

Very simple python cycle string

I want to write in a file which changes the name with the counter.

for j in range(30):
fileout.write("bla bla")

should be

file001 if j=1

file002 if j=2



I cannot format it in the right way.
Anyone can help me?
Thank you

Answer Source

You can try to use the .zfill( < number of digits > ) option. It will complet your string with 0.

For example, this code should work :

radical ='file'                                                                                                                          
numberOfDigits = 3                                                                                                                          

for j in range( 30 ) :                                                                                                                   
    fileout = open ( radical + '%s' %(str(j).zfill(numberOfDigits)) + '.txt' , 'w' )                                                        
    fileout.write('bla bla')                                                                                                             
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