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MySQL Question

Jquery AJAX not passing “POST” data on PHP

function getHash() {
alert('Debug me gethash');
return localStorage.getItem('hash');

function getUser() {
return getHash().split('~')[0];

function setHash(data) {
alert('Debug sethash');
localStorage.setItem('hash', data);

function doAction(action, params, callback) {
alert('Debug me 3');
$.post('../core.php?action=' + action + '&hash=' + getHash(), params, callback);

function register() {
doAction('register', {
username: $('#register_user').val(),
ref: fromUrl('ref')
}, function(data) {
alert('Debug me 2');
var json = JSON.parse(data);
if (json.hasOwnProperty('error'))

$db=new PDO('mysql:dbname=name;host=localhost',
switch ($_GET['action']) {
case'register': if(isset($_POST['username'], $_POST['ref'])) {
if(strlen($username) < 3) error('Username is too short!');
if(strlen($username) > 10) error('Username is too long!'); //N
if(!preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z0-9_]+$/', $username)) error('Username contains invalid characters!');
$ret=$db->prepare("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username=?");
if($ret->fetch()) error('Username already exists!');
$hash=md5(uniqid("", true));
$db->prepare("INSERT INTO users(username,hash,ontime,referral) VALUES(?,?,?,?)")->execute(array($username, $hash, time(), (int)$_POST['ref']));

<h2 class="dialog_text">Register</h2>
<input type="text" class="form-control-modal" placeholder="Username" id="register_user">
<button type="button" class="btn btn-modalbuy" class="close" onclick="register()">Sign Up</button>
<div class='smalltext'>By accessing the site I verify that I am at least 18 years old and have read the Terms & Conditions.</div>
<hr>//PHPCOde $db = new PDO('mysql:dbname=name;host=localhost', '', '', array(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE => PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION)); switch ($_GET['action']) { case 'register': if(isset($_POST['username'],$_POST['ref'])) { $username = $_POST['username']; if(strlen($username)
3) error( 'Username is too short!'); if(strlen($username)>10) error('Username is too long!'); //N if(!preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z0-9_]+$/',$username)) error('Username contains invalid characters!'); $ret = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username=?"); $ret->execute(array($username)); if($ret->fetch()) error('Username
already exists!'); $hash = md5(uniqid("",true)); $db->prepare("INSERT INTO users(username,hash,ontime,referral) VALUES(?,?,?,?)")->execute(array($username,$hash,time(),(int)$_POST['ref'])); die(json_encode(array('hash'=>$username.'~'.$hash))); }; }

I get POST http://localhost/core.php?action=register&hash=null 500 (Internal Server Error) and XHR finished loading: POST "http://localhost/core.php?action=register&hash=null".

Not so sure if its my server or the code. But I cant seem to get it to work. Spent 4 hours today trying.

Answer Source

A 500 Internal Server Error is shown if the code has a fatal error but error reporting is off.

Turning on error reporting through php file:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

Turning on error reporting through htacces file:

php_flag display_errors 1
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