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How to create a Python dictionary with double quotes as default quote format?

I am trying to create a python dictionary which is to be used as a java script var inside a html file for visualization purposes. As a requisite, I am in need of creating the dictionary with all names inside double quotes instead of default single quotes which Python uses. Is there an easy and elegant way to achieve this.

couples = [
['jack', 'ilena'],
['arun', 'maya'],
['hari', 'aradhana'],
['bill', 'samantha']]
pairs = dict(couples)
print pairs

Generated Output:

{'arun': 'maya', 'bill': 'samantha', 'jack': 'ilena', 'hari': 'aradhana'}

Expected Output:

{"arun": "maya", "bill": "samantha", "jack": "ilena", "hari": "aradhana"}

I know,
does the job, but the dictionary as a whole is converted into a string which isn't what I am expecting.

P.S.: Is there an alternate way to do this with using json, since I am dealing with nested dictionaries.

Answer Source

It is not clear why you would want to do this but you can construct your own version of a dict with special printing:

>>> import json
>>> class mydict(dict):
        def __str__(self):
            return json.dumps(self)

>>> couples = [['jack', 'ilena'], 
               ['arun', 'maya'], 
               ['hari', 'aradhana'], 
               ['bill', 'samantha']]    

>>> pairs =  mydict(couples) 
>>> print pairs
{"arun": "maya", "bill": "samantha", "jack": "ilena", "hari": "aradhana"}

You can also iterate:

>>> for el in pairs:
       print el

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