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jQuery Question

How do I hide all the checkboxes in jQgrid?

I need to hide all the checkboxes on a jQgrid and after read this two posts:

This is what I did:

// this only hides the first checkbox on the header

// this does not hide anything at all
$('#gbox_grid_notification_queue').find('td input[type="checkbox"]').hide();

// this does not hide anything, same as previous one
var grid_notification_queue = $("#grid_notification_queue");
$("#cb_" +;

What I am missing here?

Answer Source

If you use free jqGrid fork, then the solution would be very easy. You need just add

multiselectPosition: "none"

option to prevent creating checkboxs. It improves additionally the performance of multi-selection. I remind that here you can find different options of free jqGrid, which has relation with selection. The value of multiselectPosition could be "left", "right" or "none".

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