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Python Question

Pycharm, can not find Python version 2.7.11

enter image description hereenter image description hereI installed Python 2.7.11 on this Mac, and from terminal Python 2.7.11 can be started. However,
From the interpreter of Pycharm (2016.1 version) , there is no Python 2.7.11.

Any suggestions ? Thanks

PS:I successfully did this on one Mac, but for some reason I cannot make it on another Mac... odd..

Answer Source

if you cannot find from the list, you can add it manually,

you need to specify the python path in the add local dialogue. you mentioned that you can start python 2.7.11 from your terminal, then type 'which python' in your terminal and get your python path. copy paste this path to your PyCharm "add Local" . e.g:

bash-3.2$ which python
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