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Payara Admin must be enabled to access the DAS remotely

I was facing the following error on Payara41's Admin Console:
enter image description here

So I tried to enable admin security with the following:

$ ./asadmin --host localhost enable-admin-security --port 4949

But I get:

Unknown error
Command enable-admin-security failed.

I've also tried without
options, but then:

Command enable-admin-security not found.
Check the entry of command name. This command may be provided by a
package that is not installed.
Command enable-admin-security failed.

Has anyone already faced this kind of problem with Payara 4.1?

Answer Source

To enable secure admin, use 'enable-secure-admin' command instead of 'enable-admin-security' as following;

$ ./asadmin --host localhost enable-secure-admin --port 4949

If you have not set admin password yet (in the default, admin password is not set), you need to set using 'change-admin-password' command before run 'enable-secure-admin'.

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