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Flask passing another url through url variable

I'm trying to build a cors proxy through flask from scratch. Here's my code

@app.route('/api/v1/cors/url=<name>&method=<method>', methods=['GET'])
def api_cors(name, method):
if method == 'http' or method == 'https':
r = request.urlopen(method+"://"+name)
return r.read()
return "method not set!"

It is working good so far but I have one problem, when I pass "url=google.com&method=https" it is working fine but when I pass something like "url=google.com/images/image.jpg&method=https" the "/" will considered as a new directory

Is there anyway to evade this in flask?

Answer Source

If you want use the same URL scheme that you're using now, change your routing decorator to this and it will work.

@app.route('/api/v1/cors/url=<path:name>&method=<method>', methods=['GET'])
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