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Android Question

Animation of View in onCreate() method

I want to animate

when activity has been launched, in
method. However, when I try to get view's height or width it's always 0. In my case it's important to know view's height or width because I want to set the translation for Y or X. For example, consider this code:

TextView text=(TextView)(findViewById(R.id.text));

ObjectAnimator moveTextAnimator=ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(text,"translationY",-text.getHeight(),0);
ObjectAnimator fadeTextAnimator=ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(text,"alpha",0,1);

AnimatorSet textAnimatorSet=new AnimatorSet();

I want to run this code in onCreate() method. Do you know how to solve this problem? I believe that one of the solution is just simply to wait until the view will be drawn. However, what if I would like to run the same animations for every single view in my layout? Do I need to wait for every view? And how can I do it?

Answer Source

simply use text.post(new Runnable(){});

call text.getHeight() in the runnable will get correct result;

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