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What are the duties of WSServletContenxtListener and WSServlet

I am studding Web Services written in java. When I go through some articles in the internet I found the above two classes has been used for developing a SOAP Web Service. The article mentioned as


The listener class(com.sun.xml.ws.transport.http.servlet.WSServletContextListener) mentioned above is the web service context listener, which initializes the web service context when the application context is initialized and creates a web service delegate which is used to delegate all future web service requests and route them to appropriate end point implementation defined in the sun-jaxws.xml mentioned below. This stores the created delegate in the container servlet context, so that the delegate can be accessed by other servlets.


The servlet definition and it’s mapping is used to intercept the url-pattern that should be considered as web service request.

The class(com.sun.xml.ws.transport.http.servlet.WSServlet) acts as a dispatching servlet that routes the request to appropriate implementation class through the delegate received from the servlet context created by the listener as stated above.

But I have a little confusion about the different tasks done by these two classes. According to my knowledge I guess that WSServlet is used to intercept all the incoming requests to the web service but I am having the doubt about the duty of WSServletContenxtListener

Please anybody help me to clarify this clearly...

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WSServletContenxtListener is a class for receiving notification events about web service context listener.

if you take a look at the class documentaion here , you can see the following methods that gets called when a something triggers a notification event about the web service :

attributeAdded, attributeRemoved , attributeReplaced , contextDestroyed , contextInitialized , createContainer , createDelegate .

Hope that Helps .

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