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Swift Question

Annotation title not appearing when adding viewForAnnotation

I have added this:

func mapView(_ mapView: MKMapView, viewFor annotation: MKAnnotation) -> MKAnnotationView? {
if annotation is MKUserLocation {
return nil

let pinView = MKPinAnnotationView(annotation: annotation, reuseIdentifier: "id")

if let title = annotation.title{
if title! == "P"{
pinView.pinTintColor = UIColor.yellow
pinView.pinTintColor = UIColor.gray
return pinView

But when I do this I can´t see my titles when I click on an annotation anymore, any ideas why?

Answer Source

You need to add the canShowCallout on your pinView. If the value of the canShowCallout property is true, a standard callout bubble is shown when the user taps a selected annotation view. The callout uses the title and subtitle text from the associated annotation object.

So just add the following row to your viewFor function and you´ll see the title.

pinView.canShowCallout = true
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