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Select with NVL2 Not working Oracle

I am selecting values from the database using Functions. I have three different functions in which if the first does not return anything I check for the second and third functions for values using NVL2. The problem is when I execute independent functions they return values but not in the NVL2 function My query is:

tbaadm.lam, TBAADM.GAM
where gam.acid = lam.acid
and gam.acid = 'VM12990'

This does not return any value.

But when I execute :

select CRBP.FPDATE (LAM.ACID) from tbaadm.lam where lam.acid = 'VM12990';

This Already returns a value. Shouldn't this be the value returned by my first query considering that it is the first in the check. What is the Problem with My first Query??


If CRBP.FPDATE returns a value the query should return the value returned by the function CRBP.FPDATE1 and if CRBP.FPDATE returns NULL then the query should return CRBP.ODSANCDATE's vlaue.

Does CRBP.FPDATE1 return anything?