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Select with NVL2 Not working Oracle

I am selecting values from the database using Functions. I have three different functions in which if the first does not return anything I check for the second and third functions for values using NVL2. The problem is when I execute independent functions they return values but not in the NVL2 function My query is:

tbaadm.lam, TBAADM.GAM
where gam.acid = lam.acid
and gam.acid = 'VM12990'

This does not return any value.

But when I execute :

select CRBP.FPDATE (LAM.ACID) from tbaadm.lam where lam.acid = 'VM12990';

This Already returns a value. Shouldn't this be the value returned by my first query considering that it is the first in the check. What is the Problem with My first Query??

Answer Source

If CRBP.FPDATE returns a value the query should return the value returned by the function CRBP.FPDATE1 and if CRBP.FPDATE returns NULL then the query should return CRBP.ODSANCDATE's vlaue.

Does CRBP.FPDATE1 return anything?

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