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iOS-charts radar chart removing labels and filling the web with color

Probably a very basic question.

I am using iOS-charts and am working with a radar chart.

I am struggling to figure out how to remove the labels from the graph and I am really struggling to FILL the web. I can change the outer lines but I want to fill the web/data in a specific colour.

any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards


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So, there are two types of labels on a radar chart, the axis label that shows you the list of possible values on the chart from min to max and the labels that correspond to each point on your graph.


  • Grab either the x or y axis on your radar chart view and set drawLabelsEnabled to false
  • Note: you only have to set this property for one of the axes

    let yAxis = radarChartView.yAxis
    let xAxis = radarChartView.xAxis
    yAxis.drawLabelsEnabled = false
    xAxis.drawLabelsEnabled = false


  • Go to the location that you create your RadarChartDataSet
  • Before using it to create your RadarChartData, set the drawValuesEnabled property to false

    let radarChartDataSet = RadarChartDataSet(yVals: dataEntries, label: "label")
    radarChartDataSet.drawValuesEnabled = false

Also, here's a link to the Charts documentation page which can also be helpful (although it is not fully filled-in): http://cocoadocs.org/docsets/Charts/2.0.9/index.html

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