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Python Question

How to Grab IP address from ping in Python

I am currently using python 2.7 and will need to ping windows and linux.

I want to create a function that will return the IP address from a ping within a python script. I currently have this function

def ping(host):
Returns True if host responds to a ping request
import subprocess, platform

# Ping parameters as function of OS
ping_str = "-n 1" if platform.system().lower()=="windows" else "-c 1"
args = "ping " + " " + ping_str + " " + host
need_sh = False if platform.system().lower()=="windows" else True

# Ping
return subprocess.call(args, shell=need_sh) == 0

Right now it just returns true or false but is there a way I can run ping(google.com) and have it return I have a list of servers and IPs and I need to make sure that the IP addresses match the FQDN.

Answer Source

You can use the socket to get the IP of the host.

import socket
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