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HTML Question

double click jquery mobile

i have code to download image:

<a href="$img" class="download-img" download><img src="$img"></a>

and i have function to check double click from mobile devices:

var touchtime = 0;

$('.download-img').on('click', function() {
if(touchtime == 0) {
//set first click
touchtime = new Date().getTime();
} else {
//compare first click to this click and see if they occurred within double click threshold
if(((new Date().getTime())-touchtime) < 800) {
//double click occurred
alert("double clicked");
touchtime = 0;
} else {
//not a double click so set as a new first click
touchtime = new Date().getTime();

how i can join this 2 part of codes, to make download image from double click, but not single

Answer Source

Here is what I came up with. Though definitely check into that dblclick event MrCode mentioned in his answer.

$('.download-img').on('click', function(e){
    var $link = $(this);

    //if the time now minus the time stored on the link, or 0 if there is not one, is less than 800, it's valid
    if ( Date.now() - ($link.data('touchtime') || 0) < 800 ) {
        console.log('double click');
    } else {
        //time did not exist, or it exceeded the 800 threshold, set a new one
        $link.data('touchtime', Date.now());
        //prevent the click
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