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Change the width of Master in UISplitViewController

The iPad programming guide says that the splitView's left pane is fixed to 320 points. But 320 pixels for my master view controller is too much. I would like to reduce it and give more space to detail view controller. Is it possible by anyway?

Link to the document which speaks about fixed width.

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If you subclass UISplitViewController, you can implement -viewDidLayoutSubviews and adjust the width there. This is clean, no hacks or private APIs, and works even with rotation.

- (void)viewDidLayoutSubviews
    const CGFloat kMasterViewWidth = 240.0;

    UIViewController *masterViewController = [self.viewControllers objectAtIndex:0];
    UIViewController *detailViewController = [self.viewControllers objectAtIndex:1];

    if (detailViewController.view.frame.origin.x > 0.0) {
        // Adjust the width of the master view
        CGRect masterViewFrame = masterViewController.view.frame;
        CGFloat deltaX = masterViewFrame.size.width - kMasterViewWidth;
        masterViewFrame.size.width -= deltaX;
        masterViewController.view.frame = masterViewFrame;

        // Adjust the width of the detail view
        CGRect detailViewFrame = detailViewController.view.frame;
        detailViewFrame.origin.x -= deltaX;
        detailViewFrame.size.width += deltaX;
        detailViewController.view.frame = detailViewFrame;

        [masterViewController.view setNeedsLayout];
        [detailViewController.view setNeedsLayout];
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