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How to check if a socket is connected/disconnected in C#?

How can you check if a network socket (System.Net.Sockets.Socket) is still connected if the other host doesn't send you a packet when it disconnects (e.g. because it disconnected ungracefully)?

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As Programming Hero answered Socket.Connected cannot be used in this situation. You need to poll connection every time to see if connection is still active. This is code I used:

    bool SocketConnected(Socket s)
        bool part1 = s.Poll(1000, SelectMode.SelectRead);
        bool part2 = (s.Available == 0);
        if (part1 && part2)
            return false;
            return true;

It works like this:

  • s.Poll returns true if
    • connection is closed, reset, terminated or pending (meaning no active connection)
    • connection is active and there is data available for reading
  • s.Available returns number of bytes available for reading
  • if both are true:
    • there is no data available to read so connection is not active
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