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How can I trigger another job from a jenkins pipeline (jenkinsfile) with GitHub Org Plugin?

How can I trigger build of another job from inside the


I assume that this job is another repository under the same github organization, one that already has its own Jenkins file.

I also want to do this only if the branch name is master, as it doesn't make sense to trigger downstream builds of any local branches.


stage 'test-downstream'
node {
def job = build job: 'some-downtream-job-name'

Still, when executed I get an error

No parameterized job named some-downtream-job-name found

I am sure that this job exists in jenkins and is under the same organization folder as the current one. It is another job that has its own

Please note that this question is specific to the GitHub Organization Plugin which auto-creates and maintains jobs for each repository and branch from your GitHub Organization.

Answer Source

First of all, it is a waste of an executor slot to wrap the build step in node. Your upstream executor will just be sitting idle for no reason.

Second, from a multibranch project, you can use the environment variable BRANCH_NAME to make logic conditional on the current branch.

Third, the job parameter takes an absolute or relative job name. If you give a name without any path qualification, that would refer to another job in the same folder, which in the case of a multibranch project would mean another branch of the same repository.

Thus what you meant to write is probably

if (env.BRANCH_NAME == 'master') {
    build '../other-repo/master'
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