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C# Question

Reading and writing tables from a list of labels in C#

How can I create a file containing a table created from a list of labels, E.g. if I had two labels above and below each other like this


They would be written into a table like this

Number Name



That table would then need to be written to a file.

Also how can I read the table from the file and create a list of labels on a panel.

Answer Source

Just write records into lines in a file.

var rows = panel.Controls.OfType<Label>().Select(t => t.Text);

File.WriteAllLines("file.txt", rows);

And read it line by line.

var rows = File.ReadAllLines("file.txt');

for (var i = 0; i < rows.Length; i++)
    var label = new Label
        Text = rows[i],
        Top = i * 30
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