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Atlassian Stash doesn't work with ssh

I'm new in Atlassian Stash, I configured a new Atlassian Stash instance. I can clone by HTTP without problems, that now I want to clone the repository by SSH for security.

I have a problem when I clone it, the server asks me SSH keys when I configured the server without keys:

Source Path: ssh://user@ip:port/project/repository.git

The Repository type is in the state "Checking source..." and a Dialog appears:

"Authentication via SSH keys failed, do you want to launch the SSH key agent (Pageant) and retry? (If you don't have an SSH key yet....)

The SSH keys are not active! and I tried to add a private key to the Pageant Key List and doesn't work.... Thank you for all.

Answer Source

In order to clone with SSH you need to have added your public key (not the private one!) to the remote Git server, and you need to ensure that your .ssh/ directory and files are not world/group-readable or writable. Try running ssh alone to the host/port and get that working first before trying to do anything with git.

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