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CSS Question

How to create a frosted glass effect using CSS?

I'd like to create a

that is fixed in one position and make it translucent - making the contents behind it partially visible and blurred. The style I'm looking for is similar to the
of the 'See All' thumbnails in the Apple website.

The only thing I can do is adjust
opacity: 0.9
but I cannot blur the contents that go under the

Note: The
has a fixed position and the background scrolls. The background that scolls is a mix of text and photos.

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CSS 3 has a blur filter (only webkit at the moment Nov 2014):

-webkit-filter: blur(3px); /*chrome (android), safari (ios), opera*/

IE 4-9 supports a non-standard filter


See some nice demo for the blur and other filters here.

webkit CSS filter blur example

For future reference here is the compatibility table for CSS filter. Firefox seems to be getting the feature in v35+ while even IE11 does not seem to have any compatibility.


An alternative is using svg (safe for basically IE9 and up):

filter: url(blur.svg#blur);


<svg version="1.1" xmlns="">
   <filter id="blur">
       <feGaussianBlur stdDeviation="3" />

jsFiddle Demo


You will achieve the highest browser compatibility with javascript, but usually the slowest performance and added complexity to your js.

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