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Firebase Pod Code Changing

I am currently following a tutorial for a google sign in page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_1559434257&feature=iv&src_vid=tYtBX6efJkc&v=rDKtMz_PcLQ&spfreload=5

While going through the tutorial, at 7:49, the code shown is:



and for some reason this isn't showing even though I have the pods for Firebase and Google. FIRApp is shown as an error because of this.


I ended up getting it to work by just doing these imports:

pod Firebase/Auth
pod GoogleSignIn

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Ok, if i understood what you mean, you are saying that you done import Firebase and FIRApp just doesn't work like you didn't import anything.

Try to build your app every time that you add a new pod, because some times xcode just recognize your pods after a build.

Note: I think that you know that, but the right is:

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