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Parse.com - retrieve more than 1000 rows

I have been using Parse to retrieve a data for a list view. Unfortunately they limit requests to 100 by default to a 1000 max. I have well over that 1000 max in my class. I found a link on the web which shows a way to do it on iOS but how would you do it on Android? Web Link

I am currently adding all the data into a arraylist in a loop until all items are complete (100) then adding them to the list

Answer Source

I have figured out how to achieve my goal:

Declare Global Variable

private static List<ParseObject>allObjects = new ArrayList<ParseObject>();

Create Query

final ParseQuery parseQuery = new ParseQuery("Objects");

Callback for Query

int skip=0;
FindCallback getAllObjects(){
    return new FindCallback(){
        public void done(List<ParseObject> objects, ParseException e) {
            if (e == null) {

                 int limit =1000;
                if (objects.size() == limit){
                    skip = skip + limit;
                    ParseQuery query = new ParseQuery("Objects");
                //We have a full PokeDex
                else {
                    //USE FULL DATA AS INTENDED
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