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C# Question

no overload for matches delegate 'system.eventhandler'

As I'm pretty new to C#, I struggle with the following piece of code. When I click to button 'knop', the method 'klik' has to be executed. The method has to draw the Bitmap 'b', generated by 'DrawMandel' on the form. But I constantly get the error 'no overload for matches delegate 'system.eventhandler'.

using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Drawing;

class Mandelbrot : Form
public Bitmap b;
public Mandelbrot()
Button knop;
knop = new Button();
knop.Location = new Point(370, 15);
knop.Size = new Size(50, 30);
knop.Text = "OK";

this.Text = "Mandelbrot 1.0";
this.ClientSize = new Size(800, 800);
knop.Click += this.klik;

public void klik(PaintEventArgs pea, EventArgs e) {
Bitmap c = this.DrawMandel();
Graphics gr = pea.Graphics;
gr.DrawImage(b, 150, 200);
public Bitmap DrawMandel()
//function that creates the bitmap
return b;
static void Main() {
Application.Run(new Mandelbrot());



You need to change public void klik(PaintEventArgs pea, EventArgs e) to public void klik(object sender, System.EventArgs e) because there is no Click event handler with parameters PaintEventArgs pea, EventArgs e.