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Owl Carousel, making custom navigation

So i have an Owl Carousel that contains three images. I also added custom navigation arrows (.png images) on left and right sides. However, those arrows are currently useless, because I can't find a way to actually make them switch between images of my Owl Carousel. I searched endlessly and can't find the solution. Any ideas?

Answer Source

You need to enable navigation and edit navigationText:

Assuming this is version 1.3.2

  navigation: true,
  navigationText: ["<img src='myprevimage.png'>","<img src='mynextimage.png'>"]

Assuming it's version 2:

  nav: true,
  navText: ["<img src='myprevimage.png'>","<img src='mynextimage.png'>"]

Personal suggestion: Use Slick over Owl

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