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Apache Configuration Question

wampee [Portable wampserver] Setup - Unable to upgrade version of php to 5.5.12 (or higher)

I have a setup that I am trying to resolve whereby I moved my installed web app over to a portable app to be able to make it easier to setup for the end user.

No matter what I try I can not seem to get the wampee (Portable wampserver) to be able to recognize and run with an updated php version.

I am getting a series of errors after trying to change the version. Wampserver is green on my taskbar but I get warnings.

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How do I update the php version of the wampee to a newer version?

My present setup for wawmpee:

Apache 2.2.17

PHP 5.5.12

MySQL 5.5.8

Answer Source

Here is how I achieved the solution to allow for wampee to use php5.5.12 and apache2.4.9

First Update PHP

1) Grab a copy of PHP 5.5.12 from the existing installation of wampserver 2.5 downloaded from sourceforge.

2) Place php5.5.12 folder from wampserver installation under the wampee folder within bin/php

3) Under tpl folder (located under wampee root directory) make the following modifications to wampmanager.conf

phpVersion = "5.5.12"
phpLastKnown = 5.5.12
phpIniDir = .
phpConfFile = php.ini
phpExeDir = .

phpExeFile = php.exe
phpCliFile = php-win.exe

4) Under wampee folder under tpl/php/php5.5.12 make the following modifications

; XDEBUG Extension

zend_extension = "@PATH_PHP@/zend_ext/php_xdebug-2.2.5-5.5-vc11.dll"

5) Grab php_xdebug-2.2.5-5.5-vc11.dll from wampserver2.5 and place it under wampee directory under bin/php/php5.5.12/zend_ext

Second Update Apache

1) Add Apache2.4.9 from wampserver2.5 and place it under wampee folder under bin/apache

2) Create folder Apache2.4.9 under tpl/apache under wampee main directory

3) Copy php.ini from tpl/php/php5.5.12 into the tpl/apache/Apache2.4.9 folder under bin directory

4) copy httpd.conf from tpl/apach2.2.17/conf into tpl/Apache2.4.9/conf and ensure php5_module is as follows within httpd.conf

LoadModule php5_module "@PATH_PHP@/php5apache2_4.dll"

Next update wampmanager.conf under tpl/wampmanager.conf

apacheVersion = "2.4.9"
apacheLastKnown = 2.4.9
apacheExeDir = bin
apacheConfDir = conf
apacheExeFile = wampeehttpd.exe
apacheConfFile = httpd.conf
apacheServiceInstallParams = -n wampapache -k install
apacheServiceRemoveParams = -n wampapache -k uninstall

Important: Don't forget to copy httpd.exe from bin/apache/Apache2.4.9 as a copied file named wampeehttpd.exe (wampee relies on this file)

Finally update wampee.ini to the new php and apache versions

1) Navigate wampee/resources and ensure that the following values are present, and if not startup wampee to make it populated (updated) from the tpl (tempalate) files.


That should do it, and now you will have an updated wampee (portable wampserver) that runs with a newer php and apache version.

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