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PHP Question

Checking if the string is empty

I have a function isNotEmpty which returns true if the string is not empty and false if the string is empty. I've found out that it is not working if I pass an empty string through it.

function isNotEmpty($input)
$strTemp = $input;
$strTemp = trim($strTemp);

if(strTemp != '') //Also tried this "if(strlen($strTemp) > 0)"
return true;

return false;

The validation of the string using isNotEmpty is done:

//validate the phone number
echo "Phone number not entered<br/>";

If the string is empty the else doesn't execute, I don't understand why, can someone please shed some light on this please.

Answer Source

Simple problem actually. Change:

if(strTemp != '')


if($strTemp != '')

Arguably you may also want to change it to:

if($strTemp !== '')

since != '' will return true if you pass is numeric 0 and a few other cases due to PHP's automatic type conversion.

Also bear in mind PHP has an empty() function already.

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