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Linux Question

Trying to install program, keep getting problems

I'm currently an intern that's out of their depths here, this is really my first time using Linux, and everything I know comes from basic level tutorials.
I was asked by my boss today to install a program, and I'm following this tutorial on it, but am stuck at the Path part of it.


Every time I try to do this:

~$ export DTITK_ROOT=${autofs/cluster/name/MyUsername/more/path/DTI-TK/dtitk-2.3.1-Linux-x86-64}/dtitk

Like it told me to.

I get:

bash: DTITK_ROOT=${autofs/cluster/name/MyUsername/more/path/DTI-TK/dtitk-2.3.1-Linux-x86-64}/dtitk: bad substitution

Thank you user Muon


In bash, the ${} syntax can be used to substitute in the value of a previously defined variable, and you've enclosed an explicitly typed-out path within it, so bash is looking for a variable called path/MyUsername/more/path/DTI-TK/dtitk-2.3.1-Linux-x86-64 and not finding it. It should work if you run the command without the substitution:

$ export DTITK_ROOT=/path/to/dtitk