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TypeScript Question

How to create subject ( rx.js) with 2 parameters?

I am using service with subject as communication service for components in my angular2 application.

Calling method:



export class NotificationService {
private static notificationSource = new Subject<any>()

notiCreated$ = NotificationService.notificationSource.asObservable();

create(message) {;

Called function:

this.subscription = notification.notiCreated$.subscribe(
data => {
this.createNotification(data, 'warning');

But I want to pass 2 params. And I got errors.

How can i do it?

Answer Source

Since the api for next is next(value: T): void, it can only take one parameter. Ref:

As a workaround you can group the messages inside an object:

this.notification.create({message1:'test', message2:'test2'});

and when you consume, just select the message you need:

 this.subscription = notification.notiCreated$.subscribe(
    data => {
       console.log(data.message1, data.message2);
       this.createNotification(data.message1, 'warning');
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