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Drag and drop between tabs and windows on IE 11

I have two windows/tabs, let us call them W1 and W2. W2 is opened by W1 and they are using the same domain, but different pages. W1 contains a grid with workers and W2 contains a grid with jobs to do. I can assign a job by dragging a row (using jquery draggable) from W1 and dropping it to a row on W2. This works well under Chrome, FireFox, but not under IE 11.

If on IE 11 I start to drag a row and hover on the other page's tab/window and then drop, then nothing happens, no errors and the browser even lets me know that dropping to that window/tab is invalid by showing an invalid icon on that position. If W2 is inside an iframe in W1, then it works well.

Is this behavior fixable programmatically?

Answer Source

I have contacted Microsoft to ask them about the issue I have experienced. It turns out that this kind of dragging is not supported in old Windows operating systems.

At the end of the conversation I asked the guy the following:

so far I understood that this will work on Windows 10 MS browsers with at least 1607 as version

He confirmed, so if anyone has such an issue with an MS browser, the op system version might be the cause.

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