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Get IdentityServer3 to use existing user sql database

I am trying to authenticate a user against an existing user database.
I have an existing database with a users table and I want the Identity Server to look at this database and get authenticate the user.

I have found examples for MembershipReboot and AspNetIdenetity, but I am confused on how I need to create my own user database mapping.

I am not trying to create an external provider e.g Facebook

Has anyone got any ideas or seen any tutorials on how this can be done?

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You can implement your own IUserService, then in your startup you can set IdentityServer to use your new User Service

var factory = InMemoryFactory.Create(
    clients: Clients.Get(), 
    scopes: Scopes.Get());

var userService = new MyUserService();
factory.UserService = new Registration<IUserService>(resolver => userService);

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