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Get element with jquery using iframe window

Im using Liferay.Utils.Window to open a window (A), inside that window i open another window(B), when i close the window(B) i want to reload the parent window(A). I cant get to use Liferay.Portlet.refresh("p_p_id_IdPortlet") as it doesnt work...ok, no problem,i reloaded the iframe like this:

$('#' + windowId).find('iframe').attr( 'src', function ( i, val ) { return val; });

Here is where my problem appears, when i try to run that code on the Chrome console i get
"VM10008:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of null(…)"

And the weird thing (really weird) is that if i inspect the elements of html, changing the tab inside chrome elements, i go back to console and i run the same code again and it works...weirdest thing ever. I think that when i inspect some element of the dom something is loaded, something that allows me to find the element im searching for. Any help is appreciated.


EDIT: I leave an example to understand: On Chrome console i write

<iframe class=​"dialog-iframe-node " frameborder=​"0" id=​"newAssignmentRoleDialogId_iframe_" name=​"newAssignmentRoleDialogId_iframe_" src=​"http:​/​/​localhost:​8080/​group/​catalogo-de-datos/​manage-people?p_p_auth…e&_assignmentroletoperson_WAR_abecebcatalogportlet_personFirstName=Eduardo" style=​"height:​ 485px;​ width:​ 1218px;​">​#document</iframe>​

As seen i search the element by class and it founds it, but it wont find it by id after it told me the element exists

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your solution didnt work for me, finally i found a way. I used: document.location.href=parentURL; where parentURL was passed by parameter, so that did reload the iframe. Thanks for your time

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