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Login with facebook app in ios app shows option in safari "Login with Facebook app" and its not working in ios 10.1

In my app i am using login with facebook option. Where i set facebook sdk behaviour"FBSDKLoginBehaviorNative"

When i try to login with facebook its show me two option "Login with the facebook app" or "Login with phone or email" in ios 10.1. In ios 9 its direct shows me login page where email/password i have to enter

But in ios 10.1 it show above two option and when i click on "Login with the facebook app", it show dialog "open in facebook" and on click of "open" button it authorize to my app, Now it has to come back to my app but it stay in Safari view controller where two options given of login and never come back to my app

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Answer Source

In my application its happening because of salesforce sdk security option which cancel facebook login when app went to facebook app for authorization. I disable snapshotview and facebook login works fine

[SalesforceSDKManager sharedManager].useSnapshotView = NO;

So this is not facebook issue but its happening due to third party sdk.

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