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How to create sqlalchemy to json

I have a sqlalchemy result

labels = session.query(

And I want convert this result to JSON, but how I can do it?

Answer Source

It looks like your LabelsData object is a SQLAlchemy model. You need to serialize it before dumping it to JSON. Here's a short example that extracts all the columns from your LabelsData object and converts the results of your query to JSON:

from json import dumps
from sqlalchemy.orm import class_mapper

def serialize(model):
  """Transforms a model into a dictionary which can be dumped to JSON."""
  # first we get the names of all the columns on your model
  columns = [c.key for c in class_mapper(model.__class__).columns]
  # then we return their values in a dict
  return dict((c, getattr(model, c)) for c in columns)

# we can then use this for your particular example
serialized_labels = [
  for label in session.query(LabelsData).filter(LabelsData.deleted == False)
your_json = dumps(serialized_labels)
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