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Bitcode Compile During Archive Never Finishes

I am preparing an app for ad hoc distribution via Test Flight. I have stepped through (successfully) all of the preparatory steps in this Ray Wenderlich article already (https://www.raywenderlich.com/48750/testflight-sdk-tutorial), and I feel confident that the certificate, App ID, and Provisioning Profile are all created correctly and in proper working order. I am on the step in which you archive the project in Xcode. I have selected these settings during the archive process:

I choose to Export :

enter image description here

I choose "Save for Ad Hoc deployment" since our plan is to use Test Flight to distribute the app to our testers. I do believe this is the correct option for that (as opposed to "for enterprise deployment"):

enter image description here

This is the default setting, and I do not have a specific reason to change it, although I'd appreciate any insight you may have:

enter image description here

Again, default options for both of these. The first one is unchecked by default and the second one is checked by default:

enter image description here

When I get to this screen, the spinner spins seemingly forever:

enter image description here

The problem seems to be that once it gets to the part where it is compiling from bitcode it spins and spins and shows no signs of finishing. When I am building the app to run on a device connected to the MBP, it compiles quickly, usually within a few seconds. What could be causing this unresponsiveness?

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I let this run for a long time (basically while I went out shopping). When I came back it was done. So for whatever reason this just takes a really long time to do.

That said, it was also the incorrect action. The way you add testers to TestFlight since Apple bought it is different. Now, instead of exporting and uploading an IPA file, you have to submit it to the store and let it be reviewed by Apple before you can add testers.

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