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Groovy Question

Reading file from Workspace in Jenkins with Groovy script

I want to add a Build step with the Groovy plugin to read a file and trigger a build fail depending on the content of the file.

How can I inject the workspace file path in the groovy plugin ?

myFileDirectory = // Get workspace filepath here ???
myFileName = "output.log"
myFile = new File(myFileDirectory + myFileName)

lastLine = myFile.readLines().get(myFile.readLines().size().toInteger() - 1)
if (lastLine ==~ /.Fatal Error.*/ ){
println "Fatal error found"
} else{
println "nothing to see here"

Answer Source

Based on your comments, you would be better off with Text-finder plugin.

It allows to search file(s), as well as console, for a regular expression and then set the build either unstable or failed if found.

As for the Groovy, you can use the following to access ${WORKSPACE} environment variable:
def workspace =["WORKSPACE"]

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