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How to make UIButton's text alignment center? Using IB

I can't set the title of UIButton using IB as center. My title is multi line.
It is giving like this one
enter image description here

But I want like this one
enter image description here

I have given space in this but I don't want to do that. As it is not aligned exactly for some cases and I know there is a property of UILabel to set the alignment but I don't want to write a code for that.. just want to set everything from IB.


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You can set the key path in the storyboard

Set the text to your multiline title e.g. hello + multiline

You need to press + to move text to next line.

enter image description here

Then add the key path

titleLabel.textAlignment as Number and value 1, 1 means NSTextAlignmentCenter
titleLabel.numberOfLines as Number and value 0, 0 means any number of lines

enter image description here

Although it will not look multiline on storyboard but it will show multiline at runtime


If you want to write the code, then do the long process

1.Create IBOutlet for button
2.Write code in viewDidLoad

btn.titleLabel.textAlignment = .Center
btn.titleLabel.numberOfLines = 0


In newer version of xcode (mine is xcode 6.1) we have property attributed title
Select Attributed then select the text and press centre option below

P.S. The text was not coming multiline for that I have to set the

btn.titleLabel.numberOfLines = 0

enter image description here

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