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Selecting the statistically significant variables in an R glm model

I have an outcome variable, say Y and a list of 100 dimensions that could affect Y (say X1...X100).

After running my

and viewing a summary of my model, I see those variables that are statistically significant. I would like to be able to select those variables and run another model and compare performance. Is there a way I can parse the model summary and select only the ones that are significant?

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You can get access the pvalues of the glm result through the function "summary". The last column of the coefficients matrix is called "Pr(>|t|)" and holds the pvalues of the factors used in the model.

Here's an example:

#x is a 10 x 3 matrix
x = matrix(rnorm(3*10), ncol=3)
y = rnorm(10)
res = glm(y~x)
#ignore the intercept pval
summary(res)$coeff[-1,4] < 0.05
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