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HTTP Question

Does it make sense to have max-age and s-maxage in the Cache-Control HTTP header?

Considering that max-age applies to all the caches, and s-maxage only applies to shared caches (proxy and gateway cache)....

Does it make sense to use both directives in a non-expirable and public page?

Controller pseudo-code:

w = Response();
w.setMaxAge("1 year");
w.setShareMaxAge("1 year");

return w;

Answer Source

From HTTP Header Field Definitions:

14.9.3 Modifications of the Basic Expiration Mechanism



If a response includes an s-maxage directive, then for a shared cache (but not for a private cache), the maximum age specified by this directive overrides the maximum age specified by either the max-age directive or the Expires header.


Note, "overrides". So, it would only make sense if you intend to specify a different maximum age for shared caches as compared to max-age, which would be used by end users.

In your particular example, they're the same, so specifying s-maxage is just unnecessary.

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