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Bash Question

Is there a static analysis tool like Lint or Perl::Critic for shell scripts?

Are there any shell (specifically bash or ksh) checkers that test shell scripts for style, best practices, naming conventions, etc? (Something like Lint for C, or Perl::Critic for Perl.)

I know with ksh you can do syntax checking by running

ksh -n script.ksh
but I was hoping for something more than just sytax checking - something that parses/analyzes the actual code?

I'm probably out of luck, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.

Answer Source

The Debian and Ubuntu projects use a script checkbashisms, that looks for particular patterns that might indicate that someone is relying on /bin/sh being bash.

Beyond that, most shells have a -n option to parse and report errors. You could check your script against several different shells to make sure it uses only portable syntax:

for shell in zsh ksh bash dash sh
  echo "Testing ${shell}"
  ${shell} -n
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