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Swift renaming the back navigation item

I'm trying to edit the tile of the back item in the navigation controller.

I have this scene, Navigation Controller -> Table View Controller -> TableViewController.

In the second TableViewController I want to rename the the back item from "xxxx" to "Back".

Is there a way to do via the StoryBoard, or should I do it programmatically?

This is what I've tried but it does not work:

let backItem = UIBarButtonItem()
backItem.title = "Back"
navigationItem.backBarButtonItem? = backItem


navigationItem.backBarButtonItem?.title = "back"

both of them in the viewDidLoad()

Answer Source

Yes, you can do that with StoryBoard. Select the NavgationItem in TableViewController that you have embedded in NavgationController after that in the Attribute Inspector set the Back Button with title that you want in your case it is Back.

enter image description here

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