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Sass (Sass) Question

SCSS file names

I have found a TON of resources on the new asset pipeline, as well as SASS and SCSS. But there is one question that bugs me: what's the proper way to name CSS files? Is it

, or can't I just go with

In nearly every example I've seen, they all have the former, so there's got to be a reason for it. I prefer the latter since it makes my file tree just a tad easier on the ol' eyeballs.

Regardless, just because something works doesn't mean it's correct, so I would like to know what is proper and why.

Answer Source

While Richard Hulse offered factual and useful information, it did not address the specific question being asked.

I have determined that, even though there doesn't appear to be any technical differences between .scss and .css.scss, it is proper convention to name your SCSS files to include the .css as well (as mentioned in this Tweet).

Update 31 MAY 2013: I see this continues to receive unnecessary downvotes without any substantive comments, but this is ABSOLUTELY the correct answer to my original question.

Update 27 AUG 2016: For anyone stumbling upon this, it seems this discussion is no longer valid for Rails v5+ and Sprockets v3.0+ (see SASS Rails commit d355de9 on GitHub). Generating a new Rails application will create SCSS files with just the .scss extension (no .css.scss).

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