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What is the performance of STL bitset::count() method?

I searched around and could not find the performance time specifications for bitset::count(). Does anybody know what it is (O(n) or better) and where to find it?

EDIT By STL I refer only to the Standard Template Library.

Answer Source

I read this file (C:\cygwin\lib\gcc\i686-pc-cygwin\3.4.4\include\c++\bitset) on my computer.
See these

/// Returns the number of bits which are set.
count() const { return this->_M_do_count(); }      

_M_do_count() const
  size_t __result = 0;
  for (size_t __i = 0; __i < _Nw; __i++)
  __result += __builtin_popcountl(_M_w[__i]);
  return __result;

BTW, this is where _Nw is specified:

  template<size_t _Nw>
    struct _Base_bitset

Thus it's O(n) in gcc implementation. We conclude the specification doesn't require it better than O(n). And nobody in their right mind will implement it in a way worse than that. We can then safely assume that it's at worst O(n). Possibly better but you can never count on that.

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